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Bon Accord Homemakers specialise in custom made Plantation Shutters.

Shutters imbue a feeling of tradition and history to a property and are a fabulous way to increase your privacy, filter light and add an extremely stylish air to your curb appeal. Depending on your needs, we provide three different types of shutters.

Window shutters on the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas

At Bon Accord Homemakers, we can design hinged shutters, hinged bi-fold shutters, bi-fold shutters on a track and sliding shutters.

  • Hinged shutters and hinged bi-fold shutters consist of a number of shutters that are hinged in a variety of configurations, so that the shutters can be folded away from the windows for easy cleaning or to open and close windows.

  • All shutters come with hidden tilt rotation for easy use when controlling light aspects

  • Hinged bi-fold shutters can be stacked away to the side of a doorway or window to let in additional light or an afternoon breeze.

  • Track and sliding shutters are hinged together and run on a track, both top and bottom. This makes for ease of movement and can be used as decorative and functional room dividers or as elegant internal doors. You can also have sliding panels that are not hinged but slide behind one another for a more contemporary and modern style to a room.

Internal shutters

With no dangling cords, internal shutters are a safe alternative to drapes and blinds for children and pets. Depending on the design, size and colour, internal shutters will enhance a simple, minimalistic space or complement a traditional, heritage style building.

Shaped shutters

At Bon Accord Homemakers, we can design your shutters in any size and shape. For example, hexagons, half moon, elliptical, tunnel or quarter circle. Just let us know your requirements and we will design a shutter specifically for your needs.

For more information on timber or aluminium shutters on the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, please call us on 02 4970 5000 or email us on

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